The bird of Paradise ponders…

Pic courtersy: Sandrine Denier

When my sister-in-law Sandrine sent me this beautiful photograph last year, it captivated me instantly. The bird of paradise is my favorite flower and this particular picture tugged at the strings of my heart… the young flower seemed to be saying something, seemed to be yearning, seemed to be ready… FOR WHAT?

After I wrote the first version of the poem, my thoughts stayed with the flower for a long time… its youthful energy and enthusiasm giving way to a sombre moment wherein it contemplates the course of its life…

I am a bird of paradise… anchored to the ground

My petals, deeply hued, like wings spread wide

I am ready to take off… into the bright open sky

In search of home… Paradise.

Where is it? How far is it?

The sun beckons, the clouds call out

The wind will lift me high

and take me deep into the endless sky

I can wait no more to look for Paradise.

And then, as I prepare to take off,

I pause and ponder:

What will I find in Paradise?

Love, joy, happiness and peace?

But… I have these all, right here with me

Whereupon I wonder:

Is my Paradise out there in the sky

Or am I leaving my Paradise behind?

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