Yes, that’s me. Holding sunflowers. For the first time in my life. Though I fell in love with them decades ago…

I first saw sunflowers as a kid in a coffee table book we had at home… Van Gogh’s sunflowers were strangely alluring. I would see them in movies, magazines, and photographs… Yellow fields stretching into the horizon with sunflowers so big, so bright, so beautiful, their cheery heads bobbing in the breeze. And I would imagine myself walking among them…

Though I would actually get to hold them many years later when in Mexico City my husband Atul espied them at a florist and promptly bought me a few. And lovingly clicked a pic of me too!

And this is how you see me here with my sunflowers…

A wide smile on my face,

A warm glow in my heart,

A wonderful moment captured in time.

Isn’t it amazing how the smallest of things in life become our greatest joys?

PS: Another precious moment: A bouquet of sunflowers arrives from my children Tanvi, Garvit and Akshay on Mother’s Day today (13 May 2023). And I happily pose again!

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