A bird of paradise

Pic courtesy: Sandrine Denier

When my sister-in-law Sandrine sent me this beautiful photograph last year, it captivated me instantly. The bird of paradise is my favorite flower and this particular picture tugged at the strings of my heart… the flower seemed to be saying something, seemed to be yearning, seemed to be ready…

Perhaps this is what it is saying?

I am a bird of paradise… anchored to the ground

My petals, deeply hued, like wings spread wide

I am ready to take off… into the bright open sky

In search of home… Paradise.

Where is it? How far is it?

The wind will lift me high

and take me deep into the endless sky…

What shall I find? Whom shall I meet in Paradise?

The sun beckons, the clouds call out…

My heart is aflutter, my mind agog

I can wait no more!

I am off! I am off to find my Paradise!

6 thoughts on “A bird of paradise

  1. So inspiring! Thank-you dearest Meeta to honour so beautifully this modest picture. I’m touched and feeling to fly again to find my paradise… A quest that means a lot to me .

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  2. How sweet Gaurav! Paradise is where we are – each one of us – and how together, we make life happy and worthwhile. Having you as a friend makes the togetherness complete.


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