Welcome to our world!

Finally, after nine months of eager anticipation, you are here. Our daughter Tanvi’s baby. Our first grandchild.

Everyone had told me: The feeling will be indescribable. All my friends who are grandmamas. And incomparable to any other feeling in the world. 
And I would wonder: Really?! As the days of your arrival came closer, I became more and more curious about the indefinable emotion I would feel on becoming a grandparent. 

And now you are here. With us at home. 
How tiny you are, how light.

When I look at you, I feel joy, wonderful joy. 
When I hold you, I have an intense desire to protect you from all that could hurt you, harm you, trouble you.
When you curl your fingers around mine, i am filled with hope, hope for the grand adventure you are embarking upon.

And as I sit back and watch you with your mom, i feel inordinately fulfilled. My daughter has her own now. Life has come full circle.

13 thoughts on “Welcome dear Arham!

  1. Such beautiful celebration!
    Thank-you dear Grandma Meeta. I feel all warm and nourished by your very special sharing.
    Looking forward to meet Arham.

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